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This morning, the ALIGNED project partners celebrated the First General Assembly Meeting of the initiative. Technical and Administrative coordinators from Aalborg University Massimo Pizzol and Flora Champetier welcomed the consortium members and offered an overview of the ALIGNED project status.

After the introduction, the consortium members leading the LCA and environmental insights in many sectors, such as INSAT, INRAE, the University of Antwerpen, BTG, UTEXBEL, The Aalborg University, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology showed its action during the first 6 months and its upcoming actions. Once the first project status was done, the partners welcomed Algae 4 Future and INRAE as new consortium members.

Afterwards, Sustainable Innovations Europe shared the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation results from the first months, highlighting the excellent performance and brand awareness of the project with all the stakeholders involved.

Once the communications update was made, the stakeholder’s engagement was the BTG’s topic presentation, highlighting the Consultation Rounds results, showing the main insights obtained and the next ones ahead. Finally, the Aalborg University coordination team took the floor of this online meeting to set the next steps and make the wrap-up of the meeting.

In the words of Massimo Pizzol, Technical Coordinator of the ALIGNED project: “These first months of activity showed us how collaboration could help us to achieve a new and enhanced method for LCA planning in bio-based sectors. We are excited about our upcoming actions, and I am sure that we’ll get many excellent insights to achieve the ALIGNED project purpose”.

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