ALIGNED Framework to Improve Sustainability of Bio-Based Products

With the release of ALIGNED’s description of scientific methods, the project offers an easily applicable scientific framework for LCA practitioners of any level. The ALIGNED project recently released its Description of Scientific Methods report, providing an accessible scientific framework for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies, specifically tailored to bio-based sectors. The report outlines a comprehensive set of approaches, methods, and tools based on the latest scientific insights. The report includes guidelines on how to apply each method or tool, enabling LCA practitioners of any level to use these results in their own LCAs.

The framework goes beyond the project itself and offers a valuable tool for industries to improve their environmental performance. The project’s open-source model provides free access to documents, tutorials, data, and guides.

The framework includes methods for:

  • Modeling the environmental impact of bio-based products in future scenarios
  • Accounting for limitations in biomass availability and emissions timing
  • Assessing the time-dependent impact on climate and biodiversity
  • Including social and economic factors in the assessment

All resources are freely available for download, click here.

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