LCA Methodology Workshop

ALIGNED LCA Methodology Workshop

The ALIGNED project recently hosted an online methodology workshop that brought together 160 participants who actively contributed to the discussion. This event delved into essential topics related to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) inventory and impact assessment, featuring insightful presentations and discussions led by project members Massimo and Lorie Hamelin from INSA Toulouse.

The attendee’s involvement included actively participating in polls and contributing to discussions throughout the event. The diversity of perspectives and insights from these participants greatly enriched the workshop.

Massimo Pizzol, Project Coordinator of the ALIGNED project, kicked off the workshop with a presentation that focused on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) inventory. During his talk, he explored critical issues, such as the competition for biomass and dynamic carbon accounting. He also discussed the ALIGNED project’s approach to addressing these complex subjects, shedding light on innovative solutions and strategies.

Following Massimo’s presentation, Lorie took the stage to share the main challenges in impact assessment. Lorie delved into topics like biogenic carbon and dynamic characterization factors, providing valuable insights into these intricacies. She also elaborated on the approach adopted within the ALIGNED project to tackle these issues effectively.

The ALIGNED project got important feedback from the workshop, and they want to make sure these tools are useful for LCA professionals and researchers.

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