Consultation rounds – we want to hear from you

The ALIGNED project is excited to announce a new section on our website dedicated to gaining further insights into the five bio-based sectors within our project: construction, woodworking, textiles, pulp and paper, and biochemicals.

To ensure that our project accurately represents and benefits each sector, we will be holding sector consultations. These consultations give representatives from these five sectors the opportunity to have a direct impact on the shape of the ALIGNED project by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Specifically, the consultations will focus on environmental assessments, particularly on Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), and how they apply to the whole sector. This information will be used to create fitting recommendations for each sector.

For each of the five sectors, there will be two consultation rounds. The first round will be held near the start of our project to gather information and input from the sector, and the second round will be held near the end of the project to give the sector the opportunity to comment on and value our results.

We encourage representatives from the construction, woodworking, textiles, pulp and paper, and biochemicals sectors to participate in these consultations and help shape the future of our project.

Please visit our new section for more information and to participate in the sector consultation that applies to you. Together, we can create a sustainable future for our bio-based sectors.

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