How will ALIGNED and CALIMERO contribute to improving the Life Cycle Assessment methodology in five bio-based sectors?

The ALIGNED and CALIMERO projects aim to improve the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology in five bio-based sectors: construction, woodworking, biochemicals, pulp and paper, and textile. The ALIGNED project focuses on harmonizing assessment methods by developing tools to understand the environmental and social impact of producing biobased products, and testing these methods through collaboration with industrial partners. CALIMERO aims to develop a comprehensive Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) methodology that addresses relevant issues for bio-based systems such as dynamic carbon accounting, impacts on biodiversity, and socio-economic trade-offs.

The ALIGNED and CALIMERO projects share several synergies, including the involvement of common stakeholders and the coordination of harmonization efforts. Both projects aim to reach industry, consultants, policymakers, and the European Commission and will collaborate on events to maximize outreach.

The CALIMERO project will develop a toolbox to assess industrial case studies from the five targeted bio-based sectors and will propose, simulate, and analyze plant-level solutions using multi-objective optimization with sustainability criteria. This will provide decision-makers with evidence-based recommendations on how to improve the sustainability performance of bio-based industries in Europe. Similarly, the ALIGNED project will provide a methodological framework and an ecosystem of modelling approaches and tools for the assessment of bio-based products in the five sectors.

“I see several potential synergies with the sister-project CALIMERO. First of all, we can learn from each other regarding how to conduct the very process of harmonization of methods. In ALIGNED this is done via scientific consensus, which means that the researchers in the group select methods based on their experience and a set of quality criteria, and then this selection is discussed together in the consortium, but we might benefit from including CALIMERO in this process and by comparing with their approach” states Massimo Pizzol, ALIGNED Project Coordinator

The results of these projects will support initiatives such as the European Union Industrial Policy Strategy, the European Green Deal, the 2030 Climate Target Plan, and the Bioeconomy strategy. The development of a harmonized LCSA methodology that considers environmental, economic, and social objectives from a life cycle perspective will provide the bio-based industries with a common and integrated tool to assess and improve their sustainability performance, ultimately leading to a greener and more sustainable Europe.

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