LCA network

ALIGNED present in the Prospective LCA network

Our project coordinator, Aalborg University, had the chance to present the ALIGNED project in the “Prospective LCA network” initiative.

As part of this initiative, between 6-8 researchers are closely working within the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) field and organise online seminars (quarterly) about this topic. During the last seminar on November 7, Massimo Pizzol (Life Cycle Assessment researcher and teacher) introduced the ALIGNED project to more than 70 attendees and invited them to follow the project on social media channels.

The presentation used in the seminar can be found here.


The ALIGNED project kicks off with a meeting in AALBORG (Denmark)

On October 26 and 27, consortium partners had the opportunity to meet for the first time in person in Aalborg, Denmark.

Our project coordinator, Aalborg University, welcomed partners for two days of fruitful discussions on the first activities and actions that will be taking place in the upcoming semester, with a special focus on project management, first communication actions, upcoming webinars/workshops and the engagement of stakeholders from the different sectors.

Partners are excited to start working on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its application to assess and promote sustainability in the targeted bio-based industries: construction, woodworking, textile, pulp and paper, and bio-chemicals.