ALIGNED’s Second General Assembly in Antwerp

In the heart of Antwerp, Belgium, the ALIGNED consortium celebrated its second general assembly meeting.

Organizers from Aalborg University, Massimo Pizzol, and Flora Champetier warmly greeted fellow consortium members. The event celebrated past achievements and offered insights into the project’s status.

The meeting, last September 5th, marked a significant gathering of consortium members. The event encompassed a range of crucial topics, commencing with Aalborg University’s presentation of the project’s present status and trajectory.

BTG contributed vital insights from sector data descriptions, while consortium members critically evaluated methodologies employed. A dynamic dialogue unfolded among participants like OLEON, FOR, UTEX, CENT, KING, BLOOM, and A4F, centring on challenges and valuable takeaways.

Updates on Work Packages 2-3, 4-6, and 9, alongside a dedicated exploitation workshop led by Sustainable Innovations Europe (SIE), highlighted the project’s comprehensive approach. Wrapping up the meeting, Aalborg University’s coordination team outlined upcoming steps, fostering a sense of unity and progress as ALIGNED looks to the future.


ALIGNED and CALIMERO Projects Joined Forces at LCM 2023

The International Conference on Life Cycle Management 2023 conference held in Lille, France witnessed the remarkable joint presentation between ALIGNED and CALIMERO projects.

These two Horizon Europe-funded projects presented the side event ‘Improving sustainability performance of bio-based industries using advanced life cycle thinking approaches’, at the 11th International Conference on LCM and made significant strides in enhancing sustainability practices in the construction, woodworking, biochemicals, pulp and paper, and textile sectors.

Massimo Pizzol, professor at Aalborg University and the Project Coordinator of the ALIGNED project together with some other members presented the workshop aimed to maximize the project’s impact and foster widespread adoption of sustainable practices within the bio-based sector.

Also, Nariê Rinke D. de Souza from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) presented an overview of the European chemical sector, highlighting the sustainability practices and bio-based opportunities with the poster “Assessing biomass sustainability potentials in the chemicals and materials sector”.

These projects not only drove innovation but also fostered collaboration among diverse stakeholders to create a more sustainable future.